How to create a vanity station in your home

While some may consider makeup stations a luxury only meant for celebrities, the truth is that you can add this feature into your home without spending a lot of money. Are you tired of applying your makeup haphazardly in the car? This multitasking is not only difficult, but can also be very dangerous. Take some time for yourself and designate a vanity station in your Milwaukee home. Adhere to these helpful interior design tips to create a luxurious makeup area that is both practical and stylish.

  • Brighten up: Have you ever applied makeup to your face only to walk outside and realize that your bronzer is way too heavy and there's lipstick on your teeth? When it comes to applying makeup, using natural light is the best option. Let sunlight into your bedroom at your liking by adding stylish window treatments.
  • Go antiquing: Purchasing items at an antique or thrift shop will allow you to add unique accessories to your vanity, channeling old Hollywood glamor. Search for a vintage mirror or chic jars and containers to store your makeup brushes.
  • Stay organized: Creating an organized vanity will not only make your room look put-together, it will also save you time in the morning. Let's face it: mornings are hectic. No one has time to fumble around searching for their lost mascara or lipstick. Strategically organize your makeup by adding shelves or drawers to your vanity station. Also be sure to store makeup brushes upright to minimize the collection of dust and debris.

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