Warm up your home décor with deep colors

Now that winter is almost here, it's time to start the fire and decorate with warm tones throughout your Milwaukee home. Deep colors correspond with the fall and winter seasons and can easily match the design scheme in your living room. Take a look at some helpful tips from Better Homes & Gardens on how to warm up your home décor:

  • Balance is key: "You'll find warm tones present in rooms accented with antiques, from the dark walnut wood finishes found in furniture to the dyes in the traditional rugs underfoot. Balance the older pieces with plenty of fresh white paint for a more contemporary look," writes Kate, contributing blogger for the home design website. Try mixing in cooler tones, such as gray, to your overall design scheme to break it up.
  • Spice it up: Although neutral shades look classy and sophisticated, if you decorate with all brown and beige, your home can appear boring. Instead, experiment with a variety or textures and patterns. Try swapping your solid-color custom curtains and drapes for a patterned print. Also, make use of sleek and textured accents such as lamp shades, mirrors, or throw rugs.
  • Use metallic: We've mentioned how hot the metallic trend is on this blog before. Gold complements warm toned décor perfectly. Add gold centerpieces, candle holders or picture frames to your living room. To get the DIY effect, simply purchase gold spray paint for home craft projects.

Stop by our Milwaukee showroom for even more tips on how to achieve a warm look inside of your home!