Bring the Luck of the Irish to Your Home this St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is just a week away, which means it’s time to give your home an Irish-inspired makeover! Even if your ancestors don’t hail from the European country, you can still get festive this March. After all, who doesn’t love an excuse to indulge in beer, potatoes and corn beef? Whether you plan on celebrating the holiday, or just love the color green, take a look at these top decorating tips.

  • Chic table displays: If you’ll be hosting a St. Patrick’s Day feast this year, you’re going to want to make sure that your table décor coincides with the theme. Head to your local craft store for DIY supplies. For instance, choose a stencil with a Celtic design. Lay the green fabric flat, and fill in the stencil with fabric paint. You can even add creative napkins to your table by tying a shamrock around the holder. If you’ll be serving alcohol at your party, look for green glasses or a shamrock-themed corks.
  • DIY crafts for kids: “Save the more traditional Irish-themed décor for the kids by allowing them to decorate their own table,” suggests Jessica Padykula, blogger for lifestyle website She Knows. “Place a large sheet of paper (big enough to fully cover a table with overhang) and supply the kids at the party with green markers, glue sticks, sparkles, stickers and construction paper. Have them get crafty and create their very own St. Paddy’s Day table covering.”
  • Green motifs: Green will be this month’s “it” color, but it’s also stylish in the home throughout the entire year. The great thing about this cool-toned hue is that you can choose a variety of shades to coincide with your mood, style and corresponding décor. For instance, mint green can add a touch of springtime to your Milwaukee pad. On the other hand, emerald looks especially elegant in the dining room and neutral olive green is applicable to your living room. Try choosing green window fashions for a truly stylish look. Add green throw pillows to the mix for even more style.
  • Jazzy jars: Filling sleek glass jars and vases with an array of festive objects is a great way to transition your home from winter to spring. If you have extra green Christmas decorations laying around, use them to create a St. Patrick’s Day centerpiece. Or stay with the theme by filling candy jars with green mints or yummy chocolate gold coins. If you’re looking for a healthier snack, opt for green Granny Smith apples instead.
  • Potted plants: Why not bring actual greenery to your home this month? It’s been quite a harsh winter for Milwaukee and we’re all ready for some warm days. However, it seems like it will be a while for the spring flowers to bloom. Speed up this process by purchasing flowers or plants. For instance, tie a green ribbon around a vase and add some white roses or green dyed carnations to the mix to stay festive this St. Patrick’s Day. Or, you can even add real shamrocks to the mix: Oxalis plants, which are commonly known as shamrocks, can bring a touch of luck to your home!

We hope that you have a safe, fun and lucky St. Patrick’s Day next week! For more home design tips be sure to stop by Bazaar Home Decorating Center for our stylish selection of custom curtains and drapes!