Use flowers to enhance your design scheme

Flowers come in all shapes, sizes and colors, which make them very versatile in the home sector. Who doesn't love receiving a bouquet of flowers? Even if it's not your birthday or anniversary, you can still treat your home to a floral arrangement. After all, although it doesn't feel like it, it's almost spring!

"The key is to get in touch with your creative side, think about the effect you are looking to create and where you want to display your flowers," writes Jennifer Wallace of lifestyle and design website Ecosalon. "Arrangements for the mantle or table centerpiece will be very different from arrangements for the bathroom or a sunny windowsill. The most important thing to remember about flower arranging is to jump in and have fun."

Take a look at some tips on how to use flowers to enhance your design scheme:

  • DIY vases: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Looking for a creative way to show off your flowers? Try thinking outside of the box. Everything from trendy mason jars to old-school Coca-Cola bottles can be used as DIY vases. Tie a ribbon around these items for an added touch of elegance.
  • Utilize the ombre trend: Ombre is oh-so chic, and has recently become very popular in both the home design and fashion industries. Essentially, this style makes use of various shades of the same color. Try selecting one color—such as pink or purple—and combine an array of tones, such as bright magenta and subdued blush.

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