Is navy blue the new neutral?

This spring we'll see a resurgence of cool colors. As you already know, Pantone has deemed radiant orchid—a vibrant shade of purple—the number one color of the year. Luckily, navy blue corresponds nicely to this top hue. If you're looking for ways to use this trendy color scheme in your Milwaukee home, take a look at some of our helpful decorating tips:

  • Décor: Add a splash of blue to your bedroom or living room with stylish décor. For instance, swap your standard black picture frames for navy blue ones, or add a chic blue vase to the mix.
  • Furniture: If you're looking for a statement piece of furniture, why don't you try using a navy blue couch? This piece can add a touch of vibrancy to your living room without being too over the top. You can even incorporate cool-toned throw pillows—in shades like lime green or purple—to your room.
  • Throw rugs: Show your floor some love by incorporating a trendy throw rug into your design scheme. Rugs, much like curtains, can help unite the elements within your room. Opt for a solid color mat, or even select a vibrant pattern to add some visual diversity to your space. 
  • Window fashions: "And finally, you can always add color with window treatments, like shades, curtains and valances," writes Jen Wallace, blogger for fashion and lifestyle website EcoSalon. "Add some French Country flair with pretty navy and white checked and textured curtains."

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