The Best of Both Worlds: Light Filtering and Room Darkening In One

Window covering solutions…we all need them. Whether your home needs to simply soften the sunshine during the day, or add room darkening to prevent the distracting light at night, you’ll find yourself searching for options. Do they seem at odds? Are you envisioning life in one way or the other? Blackout shades or light filtering? Once upon a time, that was the case. But innovation has stepped in to bring you the best of both worlds. We call it dual functioning, and it will transform the look, feel and function of your home.


Dual functioning shades….What?!

What exactly does dual function mean? Simply put, dual function offers you a range of options, from light filtering to room darkening, on the same window. Using a shared headrail, these shade systems combine two different functions of window shades. One is a light filtering option, and one is a room darkening option. Depending on which system you prefer, the operation is slightly different, but all of the choices allow you to adjust the shades to meet your home and lifestyle needs throughout the day.


Woven Shades with an Independent Liner

bedroom light filtering and room darkening

Do you love the beauty of woven shades? The textures, the style, the dimension of natural elements throughout your home? One of the most popular window shades, woven shades are sought-after for the natural harmony they bring to your home. But, in order to provide you with the room darkening and privacy options you prefer, they would have to be lined. Without the liner, the light filtering feature of woven shades adds beautiful natural light to your home. Before now, you had to choose. Now you don’t have to because the operable liner acts independently of the shade itself. You can raise and lower the liner on your Horizon woven shades to meet the atmosphere preferences you have depending on the time of day. When raised completely, that liner is easily hidden behind the valance.


The Duolite Feature

room darkening light filtering one shade

Hunter Douglas has introduced Duolite for a number of products. It brings dual function to shades, providing you with options from light filtering to room darkening. Both the Duette and Applause honeycomb shade collections offer duolite in a similar way to what you might experience with top down shades. Two shades are fused together. The light filtering shade is featured on the top portion, with the room darkening on the bottom. And then, it’s up to you. These shades can be adjusted to utilize complete room darkening, all light filtering, or a mixture of both to manage your home’s needs.


Maximum View to Blackout in One System

room darkening light filtering shades

Another innovation in dual functioning shades, created to meet your needs no matter the circumstance, is a second roller shade. Our Silhouette sheer shadings have two options that will allow you the maximum view-through that you love, with the blackout feature you need. Silhouette Duolite and Silhouette A Deux provide an independent roller shade that’s adjusted into place behind the sheer shade. With the roller shade rolled into the headrail, you’ll receive the gorgeous view and light filtering atmosphere that brightens your home without the glare. When the roller shade is adjusted down, you can enjoy room darkening features in a range, from simply lowered part way for less sunshine, or all the way down for a blackout experience. Just recently, A Deux was added to Nantucket shades, similar to Silhouettes.


Room Darkening? Light Filtering? How About Both.

If trying to decide which feature is more important to you–room darkening or light filtering–has been keeping you from making a decision about window shades for your home, now you don’t have to choose. You can have both features in one system to meet your home’s light control and privacy needs throughout the day. At Bazaar Home Decorating, we want to help you discover the most innovative features available to you. Our design experts will come to you for a free, in-home consultation where we can talk ideas, provide inspiration and listen to your needs. Contact our team today!