Favorite Style Trends from Our Lead Designer

Would you love the chance to talk one-on-one with a designer? Can you imagine the exclusive information you’d get? From the latest style trends to the best up-and-coming features, you’d come away with everything you’d need to inspire your next project. Well, we have all that just for you! We sat down with Dan Anheuser, owner of Bazaar Home Decorating, for a peek into what’s hot in the design world right now along with the latest products and features that you and your home can’t live without!


style trendsWhat’s your favorite new fabric?

“The new Northwood fabric in Duette is–by far–my favorite. It’s the perfect balance of rustic and modern. With charm and clean lines, it’ll easily compliment a range of decor styles. Plus, Hunter Douglas just refreshed their color palette with new whites, neutrals, mid-tones, and more intense hues, and I love the patterns and colors that are available for Northwood. It’s now my go-to fabric!”

style trendsSpeaking of colors, which ones can we expect to stand out this year?

“If it’s possible, more gray colors will be on view! Gray has been hot for awhile, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to fade out anytime soon. It’s still at the top of the style trends for your home. In fact, Hunter Douglas just created Urban Gray–a brand-new NewStyle shutter color option–because of gray’s extreme popularity. That said, we are seeing more projects in blue. Rich, royal blue–like Duke Blue–seems to be an up-and-coming favorite.”

style trendsWhat’s your favorite new design element?

“While it’s not really a design element, per se, the PowerView Hub is truly revolutionary. I actually loved selling it so much that I had to put it in my own home! From my experience, and from talking with my clients, I can tell you that it adds incredible ease to operating your window treatments. Its centralized control and ability to pair with other home automation systems brings a whole new level of convenience to your lifestyle.”


style trendsWhat are you excited to show your clients?

“First and foremost: the PowerView Hub. I really can’t say enough about it. A close second, though, are Solera shades. Their clean lines, large pleats, and range of colors cross many different style trends. There’s a fabric for every taste, and the textures are exceptional. I’m also excited about the new square cassette on screen shades. The straight lines really let it blend in with the wall and create a beautiful, finished look.”


Your Favorite Style Trends

So, what are you excited about? What products, innovative features, and upcoming fashions strike your fancy? Would you like to incorporate them into your next project? The latest style trends and product features are ready and waiting for you, and we are too! We’d love to help you create an on-trend look that perfectly couples fashion and function. Contact our team at Bazaar Home Decorating for a free, in-home consultation today!