The Best Roman Shade Style For Your Home

When it comes to your windows, do you know the design possibilities? As part of the backdrop of your life, if you haven’t been considering them “decor,” you’re missing out! Full of potential for beautiful style and incredible function, you shouldn’t settle for bare windows, or simply covering them with basic blinds. The secret? Roman shade style. You can find the right Roman shade style for your home–making your windows more than just a source of light. They’ll become a gorgeous addition to your home’s decor. What types of designs do you like? Are there certain fabrics you love? Are you interested in home automation? Let us guide you through your options for the perfect roman shade style.


Simple and Classic

Shady Grove Kitchen
When you think of a roman shade, you probably picture shades like the one in this photo. This is the classic roman shade style, giving your windows a touch of elegance and timelessness. When the shades are raised, neatly arranged folds dress your windows beautifully. Lower the the shade to admire the flattened fabric, which can coordinate with your room’s design. Consider pairing a top treatment with your roman shades for even more elegance.

Refined and Organized

Gold Coast Condo
If you like your rooms to be clean and put-together, this roman shade style would be the perfect complement to your home. Knife pleat or ribbed pleat shades create a structured, attractive look, while the horizontal seams polish your space. Let your window treatments speak to your personality by picking your favorite fabric, texture, and pattern for your roman shade style.

Fashion and Function

roman shade style vignette

As we said, your windows should do more for your home than just offer light. That’s why it’s important to find the right window treatments for your space and daily life, like this roman shade style. When lowered, Vignette modern roman shades add dimension to your windows, and the flowing, waterfall-like fabric stacks beautifully when raised. Not only is this roman style shade gorgeous, you can get the most function out of your shades with the latest innovations, like energy efficiency and motorization. Control your shades using your phone app or remote control. You truly get the best of both worlds with this shade.

Comfortable and Stylish

roman shade style solera

Your home shows off your unique style, while the atmosphere is comfortable and inviting. You want a perfect balance for your environment, and with this roman shade style, you can have it! The voluminous, flowing contours offered by Solera Soft roman shades give your windows a touch of style and beauty. Choose the perfect fabric to add balance and comfort to your space. Gain control over your room’s environment with features like top down bottom up operation, room-darkening, and energy efficiency. It’s your space, and we’re here to help you perfect it.

Which Roman Shade Style Do You Love?

Do you want Vignette modern roman shades? How about knife pleat or ribbed pleat? Is motorization a must for your roman shade style? Your home is a representation of your personality. It should be a comfortable space that you’re proud of! No matter what type of design style you like, we will help guide you to the right roman shade style. Contact our team today at Bazaar Home Decorating for a free, in-home consultation.