Spring Inspiration: 5 Tips for a Designer Home

Did you love our recent taste of spring? Beautifully sunny skies, temperatures in the 60s…it was simply glorious, wasn’t it?! While our mini-spring only lasted a few days, it was wonderfully refreshing. Springtime has a way of livening, rejuvenating, and inspiring us. As you soaked up some sunny rays last week, did you find yourself dreaming up projects and ideas for your home? Were you wishing for a new look in your decor? Creating a designer home is the perfect way to add refreshment to your spaces and say hello to spring–which will soon be here to stay. Check out these tips and tricks from our design experts, and get started today!


designer home#1 Incorporate Seasonal Florals

When it comes to creating a designer home, an easy way to begin is with flowers. Florals add organic beauty and freshness to any space. As you choose and arrange flowers for your home, make sure you consider the season. Using in-season flowers is the key to ensuring you have an on-trend look. So, what’s best for spring? Tulips and daffodils are classic spring choices. Cherry blossoms, willow branches, and grape hyacinths will also have spring bursting forth throughout your home. Or, simply pluck a few stems of whatever’s growing in your yard. Seasonal florals don’t have to be expensive or complicated to look gorgeous!

designer home#2 Refresh Your Walls

Spring is the season where the world around you reinvents itself. It transforms from a space filled with white snow and bare branches into a place chock-full of color and new life. Why not follow suit with fresh paint on your walls? It’ll reinvent your spaces and create the perfect backdrop for your designer home. Wondering what colors to try? Greige is all the rage in the design world right now. An elegant balance of beige and gray–cool and warm–it’s perfect for styling in a neutral color palette. Or, keeping with the zesty nature of spring, you could go bold with Greenery–Pantone’s Color of the Year 2017. Whatever you choose, refreshing your rooms with new paint is sure to bring new life into your home.

designer home#3 Control Entering Light

There’s not much that can compare to the first glimmers of springtime sunshine. Those warm, glowing rays are so welcome after months of clouds and snow. But, when they come pouring into your home day after day–bringing unyielding glare, damaging UV rays, and uncomfortable temperatures right along with them–they fall out of your favor fast. Controlling entering light is key to creating an ideal atmosphere, and no designer home is complete without the right window coverings. Allowing you to maintain comfortable privacy and temperature at the window while soft, filtered light illuminates your spaces, the right window treatments set your plans for a designer home up for success. Plus, custom window coverings add incredible style to your spaces–and no designer home is complete without that either!

designer home#4 Organize, Organize, Organize

As you browse pictures of houses that have the designer look you want to achieve, have you noticed what they all don’t have? Clutter. Sure, they’ve been staged to appear in tip-top shape for the photos, but there’s no doubt that a designer home environment is an organized one. Spring cleaning is a long standing tradition, so now’s the perfect time to declutter, reorganize, and get your home in order for the dawn of a new season and of a designer look in your home. Where do you begin? Well, take stock of what you have, get rid of what you don’t need or want anymore, and then find a place for everything else. Custom home organization is a great way to add ease, convenience, and designer appeal to your storage spaces. Everything will have a place, you’ll know exactly where it is, and your home will shine with a tidy appearance and personalized organization!

#5 Designer Home…Make It Your Own

If you’re looking to create a designer home, chances are you’ve spent some time perusing home decor magazines and websites. You’re probably up to date on the latest trends and the popular styles and colors right now. Just remember, if you don’t love it, it’s not going to work. A designer home is all about surrounding yourself with pieces that speak to you and looks you love. Want some help? Our experts are here for you. Stop into our showroom for some inspiration and advice, or let our team come right to you. Contact us at Bazaar Home Decorating to schedule your free, in-home consultation today!