Simple Automation Set to the Rhythm of Your Life

Does smart home technology intimidate you? At first glance, it might seem like you have to be a techy know-it-all in order to enjoy a life made easier by automation, but that’s just not the case. Taking advantage of today’s most innovative features is a breeze. In fact, we’re calling it “simple automation” because it’s so easy to do. Save a few settings, create a schedule that fits your lifestyle, and then sit back and enjoy the results. Once you get started, you’ll be amazed at how the smallest changes can dramatically improve your quality of life. Just imagine if you could…


Start Every Day Off Right

morning wake up simple automationMornings…they can be tough. Do you always have grand plans to get up early and exercise, but find yourself hitting snooze until the last possible minute? It’s hard to get moving in the morning when your environment is still set for sleep. With simple automation, you can wake up to the perfect “scene” for success. Use the PowerView app to schedule your shades to bring in energizing morning light. Have your workout playlist ready to go on your Amazon Echo, and tell your smart thermostat to lower the temperature so you’ll be comfortable working out. Starting your day off right couldn’t be easier, and control couldn’t either. Whether you love using a remote, your smartphone, or voice-activation, you can make any change in an instant.


Leave the House On Time

time saving simple automationIf starting your day off right sounds like a dream, imagine leaving the house on time. That’s the stuff of miracles! Does this seem familiar: poised to head out the door you search the house for your phone, finally find it, and then run around closing blinds and shades you noticed were open during your phone-finding quest. Meanwhile, your little ones still don’t have their shoes on…ugh! With simple automation, though, getting out the door is hassle-free. Ping your phone from your Apple Watch, and tap the “Leaving Home” scene you created in PowerView right there on your watch or on the smartphone you now have in your hand. As your doors lock, lights turn off, and blinds and shades close to ensure privacy, security, and temperature control throughout the day, you can help get little feet into shoes. Unfortunately, simple automation can’t help you with that…well, not yet anyway.


Relax YOUR Way

voice control simple automationLife is busy; that’s a given. With a schedule that keeps you constantly on-the-go, time to relax is all the more important. Without it, you’ll end up stressed, weary, and longing for some personal time. Make your home your sanctuary by designing your lifestyle and home atmosphere in a way that will fit your needs. Enter simple automation. The scenes in the PowerView app give you features that will help you create balance and flow in your life. And, those same scenes can be accessed for instant control on your remote, smartphone, Apple Watch or with the latest voice activated device. “Alexa…it’s time for dinner.” The lighting dims, soft music plays, your shades open for a tremendous view…what could be better? Just wait till you see how you can start using smart home technology for all the little things that end up having a huge impact on your ability to relax to the rhythm of your life.


Simple Automation…Delivered.

device control simple automationCurious to see how simple automation can bring amazing results? Your motorization experts at Bazaar Home Decorating can help! We will guide you with ideas and features to help make your lifestyle run smoothly. You get to choose how you control your life–doesn’t that seem like a refreshing concept in today’s world? Reach out to us to set up your free, in-home consultation. It’s time you embraced smart home technology, learned how easy it can be, and just sit back to enjoy your life more. Contact our team today!