3 Tips for Styling with Shades of White

If you think about every aspect of home design–from windows and walls all the way down to soap dishes and drawer pulls–one color will always be there. If you think about every style type–from industrial to rustic–it’ll be there again. And, no matter what era in history you choose, you’ll find it. What color has that much breadth and staying-power? White. Shades of white have a captivating allure. So, how can you use them, intentionally, in your home to create a stylish look you’ll love? We’ve got three tips to get you started…


#1 Contemplate the Contrast

When you’re designing with shades of white, you’re bound to create contrast. The key is to be intentional about how much works for you and for your space. High contrast has been all the rage over the last few years, but that look isn’t for everyone or every room. If you want a space to feel more cozy and comfortable, softer color schemes might just suit you better. Let your personal preferences guide you toward the right level of contrast and the ideal look.

shades of white Milwaukee

For high contrast, think in terms of opposites. Here, dark gray and black stand out in stunning beauty against the backdrop of white Pirouette shades, white walls, and lighter flooring. And pops of orange complete the look while also making a bold statement.

shades of white Milwaukee

For more subtle contrast, soften the tones. This space features greige walls and varied brown tones in the flooring that quietly contrast with the white plantation shutters and trim. Other white elements–the chair, flowers, and art matting–are paired with darker wood tones that add another layer of natural color contrast.


#2 Examine the Environment

When you’re planning to use shades of white in your design, it’s essential to think about the space you’re decorating and how you use it. Too often, people get caught up in the fashion of things and forget all about function. Creating the perfect atmosphere starts with an understanding of the area’s purpose and environment.

shades of white Milwaukee

A grand entryway like this needs light and privacy control along with elements that will accentuate the tall ceilings and large windows. The sheer shadings allow gentle light and just enough view to flow in while also offering options for privacy. Keeping the lower space clear and decorating up high with the formal loft space and modern chandelier draws the eye upward. It also gives guests enough room to enter and admire. Plus, dressing the whole space in white makes it feel open and airy.

shades of white Milwaukee

A living room space needs elements that cater to comfort. Here, we find plush seating with an array of cozy pillows and tables that make it easy to set down snacks, drinks, devices, and magazines. The white shades on the windows let in light and view, but they adjust in an instant for room-darkening and privacy. And, the area rug softens the whole feel of the space.


#3 Arrive at the Amount

Have you thought about how much white you’re going to incorporate into your design? Deciding on the amount of white you want to feature in your space will help you make decisions about the furnishings, accents, and other colors in your room.

shades of white Milwaukee

If you’re planning to use a lot of white, you’ll want to heighten your focus on texture and accent colors. Varying the textures throughout your space and infusing other colors will keep it from feeling cold and institutional. Take this family room for example. The sculpted texture of the roman shades adds much-needed dimension to create visual interest. Imagine if the windows were dressed with flat shades…yikes! As for the accent pillows and colorful rug, they stand out yet also tie in with the flooring.

shades of white Milwaukee

Are you leaning more toward using shades of white in smaller amounts? Then, you’ll want to choose white elements that highlight important aspects of your design. This formal sitting area does that so well. The white trim dramatically outlines both the breathtaking view and the gorgeous gray roman shades. And the white chair, ottoman, and lamp feature soft curves that make the whole space inviting.


Discover the Perfect Shades of White

Starting a design project can feel a bit overwhelming. That’s where we come in! Our expert design team would love to help you with ideas, advice, and inspiration. Discovering the perfect shades of white, and so much more, for your Milwaukee area home can happen today with a visit to our showroom or a free, in-home consultation. Contact us at Bazaar Home Decorating to get started!