The Everlasting Beauty of Coastal Decor

After a long day, you deserve to sit back and relax in a calming, tranquil atmosphere. What’s your ideal place to relax? We think of sandy beaches, flowing waters, and refreshing air. Coastal decor is a favorite in the design world for its everlasting beauty and relaxing vibes. Bring your favorite coastal elements into your design. Here’s how.


#1 Start with Textures

Picture yourself standing by the ocean. What types of textures do you see? You might see smooth, shiny beach glass and calm waters, along with grainy sand and driftwood. Depending on your favorite coast, you might even see lush greenery and bright florals. Coastal decor is full of organic textures that bring your design to life.

coastal decor living room

In this space, the Hunter Douglas Silhouette shades offer a gorgeous view of the coastline, making the ocean apart of the design. The woven area rug brings in that sandy appeal, while the smooth leather chairs and wooden table offer a natural touch.Tranquil and stylish, this room incorporates coastal decor beautifully.  


#2 Pick Your Palette

Your color palette will depend on your personal style, but if you want to bring in coastal decor, look no further than blues, greens, and neutrals. Choose from calming whites, creams, beiges, or grays and let your neutral act as the base of your palette. Then, mix in touches of soft blues and greens for a natural, light accent. Greenery and florals will breathe a breath of fresh air into your design.

coastal decor palette

The fabric of these Provenance Woven Wood shades offers the perfect accent to the light neutrals throughout this space. The white shiplap and wooden cabinet are visually appealing and pull this design all together.


#3 Incorporate Coastal Elements

Coastal decor often takes the shape of the natural elements you find at the ocean. This is where your texture and palette come together to finish off your design. Take a look at the curved accents mixed with light, woven linens. The driftwood brings that natural touch, along with the fresh greenery. This space is warm and welcoming, encompassing the beauty of the coast throughout the room.

coastal decor design tips

This living room also brings an ocean view into the design through these simple, classic Everwood blinds. They’re low profile, chic, and simple to use, adding beauty and control to this coastal paradise.  


Let’s Design with Coastal Decor

Have you been dreaming of the ocean? It’s time to bring coastal decor into your home. You’ll experience the serenity of the beach everyday. Get started on your oasis with one of our designers! We’ll help you create the right environment for a tranquil space. Contact our team at Bazaar Home Decorating for a free, in-home consultation.