Solutions for a Challenging Bathroom Design

Your bathroom design needs to have certain features, function, and style. Sometimes, it’s challenging to incorporate them all. Bathrooms provide the most challenges when decorating, causing you to become frustrated. We wanted solutions, so we sat down with the professional designers at Bazaar Home Decorating to figure out just how we could solve common bathroom design issues. Take a look.

What is the main challenge people have with their bathroom design?

The most challenging part of designing a bathroom is privacy. Privacy is a must in all bathrooms, but it isn’t as simple as covering your windows. People need a certain balance of function and features.

bathroom design ideas

Sure, you can hang up just about anything over your window to give you privacy, but what about lighting? You need solutions for both privacy and light. Top down bottom up shades are a great example. They bring in light through the top while blocking off the rest of the window.  


Are top down shades the go-to solution for every bathroom?

Not necessarily. It all depends on the bathroom design, as well as the layout of the space and placement of windows. If there are small windows within reach, we suggest easy up and down shadings. You quickly adjust them depending on what you need–privacy or light.

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We see a lot of bathrooms with windows placed over the tub. This can be tricky because you simply can’t adjust the atmosphere continually. Top down shades work great because you can adjust them and keep them there for privacy and light at all times. Another option we often suggest in this scenario is our plantation shutters because the split tilt functions in the same way. This gives our clients a choice, depending on their style preferences.


What is another bathroom design issue people run into?

Space. Bathrooms aren’t all the same. Some are master bedrooms, others are used by children, then you have guest bathrooms and bathrooms without tubs. Even though it’s the same type of room, you interact with each one differently.

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Luckily, custom fit shades and features ensure that you can adjust the atmosphere of all your bathrooms without any hassle. There are also certain features and operating systems that provide safety and convenience for everyone.


What type of operating systems do you recommend?

Our top recommendation for clients with children would be a cordless or cord-safe window treatment. LiteRise is a great choice; you push or pull the bottom rail to your desired height, and they stay in place once adjusted. This option is completely cordless and it’s simple for children to use.

bathroom smart shades

Simplelift is another popular choice because it has a button on the bottom of the rail that opens the shades, then the wand is used to tilt the slats. And, of course, the #1 choice for any space right now is motorization.


Do a lot of people use motorization in their bathrooms?

You’d be surprised! Smart shades are extremely popular right now, and it really simplifies your routine. We’re all about convenience, which comes in handy in regards to a comfortable bathroom design.

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You can adjust your shades using voice control, like with Alexa or Google Home. Or, you can create schedules and scenes–like a “Bathtime” scene will close your window treatments for complete privacy. All you have to do is create and save your favorite settings. Motorization is great for spaces that need multiple adjustments throughout the day.


Let’s Solve Your Bathroom Design Challenges

What are you missing in your bathroom design? Privacy? Light? Style? You don’t have to compromise any because the latest innovations in window coverings offer them all. We want to help you create a comfortable, convenient atmosphere that’s safe for everyone and easy to operate. Contact our team at Bazaar Home Decorating for a free, in-home consultation.