Top home design trends for 2013

Whether you want to update your house for the real estate market or just want to enjoy new amenities, give your home a modern feel with the top home design trends of the year, reported by Realtor Magazine. 

  • Fancy bathrooms: From vanities to murals, Americans are getting real fancy with their bathrooms. A pristine powder room is at the top of many homeowners' must-have list. 
  • Game rooms: Whether it be a "man-cave", or a family room, homeowners are updating their entertainment systems to keep up with modern technology. From HD to surround sound, you don't even have to go to the theater to feel like you're at the movies.
  • Outdoor kitchens: Grill in style with updated outdoor kitchens. Since Americans are trying to eat healthier, this trend has taken the country by storm. Outdoor cooking stations, equipped with mini fridges and a space to wash your vegetables, are perfect if you already have a garden.
  • Screened porches: If you think screened porches are just for homeowners living in the south, think again. The modern day enclosed porch acts more as a living room. "These spaces have more of the feeling and function of an indoor room—better furnishings, fire pits, curtains, and even televisions and audio systems," reports Realtor Magazine.
  • Themes: When it comes to interior design, many Americans are focusing on a singular theme. "There are more home owners asking for a European flair, perhaps antique sconces and velvet pillows," designer Blanche Garcia told the source. Regardless of the motif you choose, Bazaar can help you to achieve your vision with custom curtains and drapes.