Bring branches inside for a decorative fall look

The fall season is upon us and it’s the perfect time to get in touch with nature before the weather gets too cold. If apple picking and hiking has you craving even more of the outdoors, you may want to consider adding branches to your home décor for a festive look.

If you think twigs just belong on trees then think again. Interior designers have used branches for everything from curtain rods (which add a fun accent to your Bazaar custom curtains and drapes) to ornaments.

“When you’re doing your fall pruning, instead of throwing it out bring it in for a few weeks. Even the leaves curling up and drying out look nice,” Dave Whelan of Floral Explorations tells the Buffalo News. Decorative branches make a great addition to any entry way. Start by cutting grapevine branches from a garden. Then, mold them into a desired shape to decorate the area above a fire place or walkway. Add flowers or foliage for an extra touch.

Still can’t get enough of the twiggy look? Branches make a fun jewelry display and can even be used to replace the headboard of your bed. If these additions are too drastic for your personal style, start small by putting twigs inside of vases or spray painting branches for a more modern design look.

Just because Milwaukee is a city, doesn’t mean you can’t express your earthy side.  Come into Bazaar Home Decorating Center today and let us help create your perfect interior look with our custom window fashions.