Top-down window treatments are ideal for the bathroom

Decorating a bathroom seems like it's going to be a fairly straightforward process. Many people assume that once they've picked out their shower curtain, soap dish and bath mat, this room is good to go. After all, it's not like you have to add furniture or really decorate a place with such a utilitarian purpose. However, many homeowners forget about installing window treatments in this room. 

Window treatments are essential for anyone who doesn't want to accidentally scandalize the neighbors while stepping into the shower, but the fact that many people feel the need to keep their bathroom window open for ventilation can make finding the right window treatments kind of tricky. Is it possible to use blinds and shades for privacy but also keep your window open to prevent this part of the house from becoming damaged by excess steam?

Here at Bazaar Home Decorating, we get this question from worried Milwaukee area homeowners a lot, and are always happy to report that there are several easy solutions to this problem, enabling your bathroom to remain both private and ventilated. 

Our favorite is the top-down shade. Rather than working from the bottom going up, these window treatments place all of the hardware on the window sill, and pull upward for privacy. This will enable you to let in natural light and air while still maintaining privacy, which is perfect for a bathroom. Many homeowners prefer these because of the amount of light they allow for. 

If you're interested in finding the right window treatments for your bathroom, stop in to Bazaar Home Decorating today. We will find the ideal solution for your Milwaukee home.