Tips for decorating with color

Do you want to give your home a colorful makeover for spring but don't know where to start? A lot of times homeowners stray away from bright hues and instead opt for neutral shades because they don't want to go overboard with color. However, when used correctly a little pop of pizzazz can go a long way. If you're looking for tips on how to decorate with color, take a look at our helpful guideline below:

  • The mood of the room: "When looking for color inspiration I first think about the mood of the room," writes Jeni Madden of UK site News Shopper. "Those with a bias towards the blue and green spectrum – will help create a serene mood whilst warm colors, with red and yellow tones, will give a more intimate, cozy feeling to a room."
  • The proportions of the room: Proportion is key in interior design. If you think that painting your entire room may be too overpowering, simply try a trendy accent wall instead. In addition to being less timely than a major painting project, it is also quite stylish and allows you to utilize bright and vibrant colors. 
  • The size of the room: It's true what they say: Size matters when it comes to home design. Before you give your space a fresh coast of paint, analyze the stature of your room. Smaller areas work well with paler tones, like pastels and neutrals while larger rooms can take on brighter and richer colors.

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