Home décor you should have by the time you’re 30

Are you approaching your 30th birthday? If so, you may want to think about giving your Milwaukee home or apartment a brand new makeover to celebrate the occasion. Take a look at some décor you should own by the time you turn 21 plus nine:

  • One-of-a-kind collection: Do you love browsing antique shops? Did you pick up a few trinkets when you studied abroad in college? Well, these items are a great start to a collection. "Start a collection when you're young," designer Sara Story told Elle Décor. "It's great to pick up things you love from your travels—especially art and furniture."
  • Organized closet: In your early twenties your closet was probably symbolic of your life: A mess. Now that you're more mature with direction, it's time to tidy up your space. You can start by cleaning out your closet and donating any items from college that no longer fit you. If you need help, be sure to contact our custom home organization experts! 
  • Sturdy furniture: Although your futon may have gotten the job done while in college, there's no way you want to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress in your thirties. This will only result in back pain. Visit your local furniture shop to pick out a comfy mattress and complete the look with a stylish bedroom set. Then, move on to the living room by investing in a quality couch embellished with vibrant throw pillows. 

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