The Pirouette Will Transform Your Home

We don’t like picking favorites when it comes to our window treatments. All of them are unique and special in each way. It’s just too hard to choose. But, if we did have to pick, the Pirouette shade would definitely make it on that list. Not only are they an incredible backdrop of style, but they offer soft natural light, with privacy and UV protection as well! Let’s take a look at the amazing shades…

Crisp & Clear VS Soft & Filtered

Recently, the Pirouette collection added a new innovation called Clearview®. By incorporating a black sheer fabric, Clarview® allows for a crisp view of the outside while still solving issues like glare.

clearview and pirouette window shades
Pirouette® window shades

Don’t believe us? Take a look! With the picture on the left, you can see Clearview®. And, on the right, you can see the diffused look of the original fabric. While one option might be better suited for some, it’s all up to your personal preference.

Maintain a Cohesive Design

Open floor plans add ideal layout to any home. But, finding the perfect way to cohesively decorate it, can seem like a challenge at times. No need to worry, though! Like we tell our clients, our designers have seen it all and are ready to help!

A dinning room with Pirouette® Window Shades.
Pirouette® Window Shades; Luminette® Privacy Sheers

While one function, or treatments, might be absolutely perfect for one part of the space, we understand that it might not be the best fit for the rest. When trying to maintain a cohesive design, our Hunter Douglas shades offer the function you need, while allowing you to coordinate the design. And, with the added benefit of UV protection, with 81% protection from the sheer fabric and 99% when the vanes are closed, what’s not to love? 

Large Windows Are No Longer A Problem

Much like an open floor plan, large windows can make a great addition to any home. But, finding the right solutions for them can be hard. Issues like privacy control and glare are common when it comes to these windows. Which is why the Pirouette is the perfect option. Easily fix your issues by simply opening or closing the vanes.

Pirouette sheer shades across three windows
Multiple Pirouette® window shades can cross a wall of windows seamlessly.

The Pirouette + large windows were made for each other! No need to worry about coverage with these shades. They can be made as big as 144 inches in both width and height. And if your windows are even wider than that, no worries. We can use multiple Pirouettes for coverage, and it looks seamless.

Easy Operating Systems

We’ve found that our clients love our automated systems the most. And, we understand why! Not only do they pair well with the Pirouette, but you can easily control the entire shade, including the vanes, with a simple tap. Sound appealing? You might also like our SoftTouch™ system, a sleek wand for motorization, next to the window. 

An office with pirouette sheer shades
Pirouette® window shades with SoftTouch™ motorization

While we love our smart shade options, we understand that there are times when a cord is necessary. This is why we have two cord options for Pirouette shades. Ultraglide has a short, retractable cord. EasyRise is a continuous cord loop, which sits at the edge of the window frame. The best part? They’re both child-safe!

Whether you want to explore the Pirouette, or any other window treatment we have, our team is here to help! We’re always ready to help you through every step of the process. So, start today! Contact our team at Bazaar Home Decorating for your FREE design consultation.