Implementing Current Design Trends into Your Home

Does all this extra time at home have you yearning for a bit of a space refresh? We’ve put together a list of five current design trends that are sure to fit into any home! No matter your style preferences, there are ways to implement any of these trends into your space. If you’re having trouble figuring out where to start, we’re hoping this list will help.


Welcome in the Fresh Air

Adding hints of the outdoors throughout your home provides an airy and fresh feeling that just can’t be replicated with anything else. Whether you add plants, earth tones, woven elements, or organic looking decor, you won’t be sorry you tried.

Organic looking provenance woven woods shades.
Provenance® Woven Woods


Brown vs. Gray

In the past, brown was everyone’s go-to neutral. However, in the last few years, we have seen gray sneak in there and ultimately surpass it. But, now it’s making a comeback! Whether it’s a new foundational color, or simple accents, the warmth of browns are gaining popularity once again. If you’re not quite ready to give up your grays, but you’d like to warm up your space, we have the perfect choice: Greige. It’s a mix of gray and beige that might be perfect for you!

Brown roman shades in bedroom, Milwaukee, WI.
Design Studio™ Roman Shades


Go Bold

We don’t think pops of color will ever go out of style, and this year we’re seeing an even bolder choice with it! Current design trends show people opting for not-so-common wall colors and accents. Earthy statements, bold shades, or even jewel tones, add surprising charm and create a personalized space you’ll love.  

red roller shades in a modern bathroom in Brookfield WI
Designer Roller Shades


You Can’t Go Wrong with Woods

Natural woods are at the forefront of wood tones right now. But, no matter if you prefer light, or more rich-colored woods, you can’t go wrong. Think furniture, shelving, wall art, and more. The options with how to implement wood elements into your space are endless and will leave you with a dreamy, airy, and soft atmosphere. 

Wooden ceiling in living room, sonnette cellular roller shades on windows.
Sonnette™ Shades


Think Big

Is there a certain room in your home that’s been getting extra use now that you’ve been working or schooling from home? Maybe it’s your home office, or even your kitchen where your family has been doing school around the table? If that’s the case, you may be aching for some new functional decor. Window treatments are the perfect place to start because not only are they a beautiful addition, but they are also adjustable to help control glare, room temperature, lighting, and can even be automated to help streamline and simplify your day.

Home office update is one of the current design trends for 2020.
Designer Roller Shades


Which Current Design Trends Have You Feeling Inspired? 

Are you ready now to create a new look, or enhance and older space? Maybe you need solutions in your home, leading you to want new window treatments? We hope this list has provided you with the design inspiration you’re needing to spark changes in your home. Contact our team at Bazaar Home Decorating today for your FREE consultation. Our design team is here and eager to help!