The Best Shades for Skylights: 4 Things You Should Know

Skylights offer style and rooms filled with glowing light…at least, that’s the perception most people have before actually living in a home with skylights. The reality? You probably have a love/hate relationship with them, enjoying them at times, but also feeling the frustration of direct sunlight, glare, drafty air and harmful UV rays.

skylight shadesin kitchen ceiling Milwaukee WI

Are you a desperate for a solution, but you don’t want to lose the benefits of natural light? We’ve got news for you–the best shades for skylights will bring in natural light exactly when and where you need it, without all the hassle. With skylight shades, it all boils down to the four things you should know…

#1 It’s all about honeycomb shades.

When searching for the best shades for skylights, honeycomb shades are–above and beyond–the choice for your home. The structured form and uniform pleats easily retain their beautiful look, while the features and benefits of honeycomb shades are exactly what you need for skylights. Both Duette shades and Applause shades will offer you solutions for your skylights that you never thought possible.

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#2 These innovations will amaze you.

Combine the scientific concept of heat rising with the location of skylights–it’s a recipe for heat loss that you don’t need in your home. The cellular structure of honeycomb shades creates an insulating barrier for your windows. And with the best shades for skylights, you have the opportunity for even more energy efficiency with Skylift–it’s weather stripping for your skylight shades. That’s cost savings you’ll experience throughout the year.

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#3 The fabrics will dictate the atmosphere.

Style is one of the most important design elements of window shades, but when it comes to skylight shades, resting in your ceiling, sometimes it’s best to not notice the shades. The best shades for skylights will feature beautiful fabrics that are capable of blending in and not distracting the eye. But the fabrics have an even more important job to do. They dictate the atmosphere, and based on where your skylights are, you will have different needs in mind. Room-darkening fabrics are valuable in the bedroom, especially in the morning, when the last thing you want is to have blinding sunshine waking you up. In the living room or kitchen? That’s where you’ll want to choose light-filtering fabrics that usher in soft light for a consistent glow. No matter which fabrics you choose, you’ll rest easier knowing that your valuables are protected from harmful UV rays.

motorized shades for skylight shades smart phone app Milwaukee WI#4 Motorization will transform your home.

We are often asked how skylight shades work. Of course, the manual wand control makes operation of your hard-to-reach shades manageable. However, function is important, and if you plan on adjusting them regularly, motorization will save you. PowerView motorization allows you the ultimate control for your shades with the touch of a button. And with the PowerView App, you can use your favorite device to set schedules and adjust your shades without having to think about it! The best shades for skylights bring effortless control to your home–sit back and relax, and let PowerView do all the work!

You can start to love your skylights again with shades that offer energy efficiency, UV protection, light control and effortless function with honeycomb shades–named by Bazaar Home Decorating as the best shades for skylights. Contact our team today for a free, in-home consultation.