French Door Shades: Enjoy Your Patio!

Your patio doors are the link that brings your indoor living space together with the beauty of your landscape and outdoor spaces. But without the right management, they can cause headaches when it comes to privacy and efficiency. Whether you have french doors, patio doors or sliding glass, finding the right window coverings can take some special consideration. We’ve put together three awesome choices for french door shades, vertical shades and plantation shutters, each with a unique solution for your home.


french door shades silhouetteSilhouette Window Shades

Silhouette window shades by Hunter Douglas are a gorgeous option in french door shades. Offering style and function, Silhouettes beautifully filter light, making sure you don’t get any harsh glare. Instead, they leave you with a soft, inviting glow radiating from your large windows and french doors. The softness of the sheer backing invites you to see through and gaze out onto your beautiful landscape. Silhouette lets you enjoy your view, while transforming the natural light inside your home.


french door shades luminette vertical shadesLuminette Privacy Sheers

When looking for french door shades and sliding options, vertical shades are still a popular choice. And with the latest innovations, you’ll see why. Available in an array of sheer to opaque, the drapery-like fabrics of Luminette offer nearly endless options for privacy and light control. Vertical fabric vanes rotate a full 180 degrees, allowing you to spread natural light evenly throughout your room. And these elegant looking shades are specially coated to be soil and stain resistant, making them perfect for your patio and sliding glass doors! Add PowerView motorization to your vertical shades for touch-of-a-button control that instantly adjusts this high-traffic area from the palm of your hand.


french door shades and plantation shutters for patio doorsPlantation Shutters

While french door shades are a distinguished choice, plantation shutters are also a great option for doors that lead to your outdoor space. Sophisticated and full of elegance, plantation shutters are a classic solution for patio doors, french doors, and even sliders. Easy to adjust, and with a customizable fit to go around door handles, these shutters give your home high-end, custom appeal. Extremely efficient when it comes to light control and privacy, plantation shutters can help you get your natural light under control. And for high-traffic areas, plantation shutters can’t be beat. Stuck in place, you’ll experience safety for pets and children every time you open or close your patio doors!

When you’re ready to upgrade to french door shades or shutters, each of these styles has something unique to offer. Whether you love the view-through of Silhouette and Luminette, or the classic styling of plantation shutters, we can give you a chance to view these solutions in the comfort of your home with a free, at-home consultation. Contact us today, and let us know which french door shades suit your lifestyle needs!