Spike your living room with festive cheer

The holidays are a great time to live by the motto: "The grander, the better." All the festivity is an excuse for taking your interior design scheme up a notch. After all, if you can't use glitz and glam during this time of year, then when can you?

Recently, Denver Post writer Marni Jameson spelled out her holiday design secrets in a seasonal article. She compares holiday decorating to mixology, as both creating drinks and designing an attractive aesthetic requires and extra "spike."

How can you incorporate this spike of cheer in your Milwaukee home, you ask? First, it's important to think outside of the box. If you want to take your living room from drab to fab, incorporate colors, designs and motifs that you don't commonly use. For instance, why don't you give sparkles a try? You may think that glitter is only appropriate in your teen's room, but it can also be quite chic in other sectors of your house. For instance, try adding bedazzled throw pillows to your ambiance.

Even though it's the season to deck the halls, don't go overboard.

"A room with too many spikes gives visitors a visual hangover, the way an over-stimulating trip to the toy store can make good kids cry," Jameson says. "Think of a room spike like a fashion spike: If you're wearing a little black dress, the spike can be red lipstick. But if you add red shoes, too, you've blown it."

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