Save energy in the cold winter months

There's no denying that temperatures are starting to drop in the Milwaukee area. As a result of last weekend's time change, it gets both darker and colder earlier in the day. The US Energy Information Administration predicts that those who heat their homes with natural gas (about half of the country) will pay about 13 percent more on their heating bill this year than they did last year. Propane users will experience a nine percent increase and those who heat their house with electricity will see a two percent rise in their bill. So how can you stay warm this winter without breaking the bank? Check out some helpful pointers below.

  • Select appropriate window coverings: In addition to providing stylish décor to your Milwaukee home, custom curtains and drapes from Bazaar Home Decorating center can also help your house retain heat in the winter. The right window coverings will provide both style and insulation, cutting heating costs in your home. 
  • Turn down your furnace: Admit it, the only thing you want to do when you get home on a winter night is to crank up your furnace. However, you'll probably regret this when you receive your heating bill in the mail. Instead of automatically turning up the furnace to the mid 70s, think about other heating solutions. Making an old fashion fire will not only cut energy costs, it can also be romantic on date night. Additionally, if you're the only one in your family who feels cold all the time, purchase an inexpensive space heater.

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