Room Transformation: Complete Comfort & Style

How are you feeling about the rooms in your home? Do your bedrooms offer the dark and dreamy sleep atmosphere you deserve? Is your home office bright and beautiful without blinding glare on your screens? Does your main living space feel stylish and comfortable? The way light interacts with your home affects everything from the atmosphere and mood to the comfort level and design. If you don’t have the right solutions in place for light control, you might be feeling less than satisfied with the look and feel of your home. A room transformation can change all that! The right window coverings in each space throughout your home will deliver incredible benefits and have you loving life inside your humble abode. Skeptical? Just take a look at the results of this amazing room transformation…


It’s Beautiful…But Frustrating

room transformation

The design of this room is simply stunning! The open floor plan and tall ceilings make the space feel light and airy. The conversation area adds cozy intimacy. And the wall of windows…breathtaking! Bringing in natural light and picturesque views of the outdoors, there’s just so much to love about those big glass panes. Everything seems perfect…so why were the homeowners desperate for a room transformation? They were frustrated. Here’s a list of all the issues they were having with this space:

  • Excessive Heat – Sunshine pouring in all day was sending the temperature through the roof.
  • Unrelenting Glare – There was no way to enjoy the view out or even be in the room without squinting.
  • No Privacy – Their indoor lives were always on display.
  • UV Damage – Exposed to UV rays day-in and day-out, their interiors were starting to fade.


It’s Beautiful…And Comfortable

room transformation

With all the issues, the homeowners decided they couldn’t live with bare windows anymore. So, they welcomed Duette Doulite shades into the space and watched as all of their frustrations disappeared. This room transformation is truly incredible! Not only do the dual-functioning, top-down shades customly control the light, but they add a gorgeous softness that enhances the styling and design. The fabric brings coordination throughout the open floor plan, and the view is still there! But that’s not all. The homeowners now enjoy all of these benefits too:

  • A Comfortable Temperature – Intense sunshine and heat have no place in here anymore.
  • Filtered Sunlight – Soft, natural light illuminates the room with a gentle glow.
  • Options for Privacy – Custom adjustments ensure privacy when they want it and security too.
  • UV Protection – No more fading and damage. Their design elements maintain color and value.


A Room Transformation of Your Own

Can you relate to some of the frustrating issues that plagued this room? If you have bare windows or window treatments that just aren’t getting the job done, then it’s time for a change. The right window coverings will bring about a room transformation that’ll give you the light control solutions you deserve along with incredible style and lifestyle benefits. And, we’re here to help. Your friends at Bazaar Home Decorating would love to draw up a custom plan for your home. We’ll guide you through all the choices–from products to fabrics to features. Contact our team for a free, in-home consultation today.