4 Elements of Design Inspired by Iris Apfel

Style icon Iris Apfel is quite the woman. Do you know her? More than a decade ago, she stepped into the spotlight at 84 years young when the Metropolitan Museum of Art featured an exhibition of her clothing and accessories. Since then, Apfel has continued to surprise and delight the world with a style and confidence that’s all her own. From her fashion and decor to the way she lives each day, we can learn so much from this woman who refuses to let age or opinions squelch who she is and what she loves. Let’s dig into four elements of design that radiate throughout Iris’s outfits, home, and life…


style icon Iris Apfel
Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Display Your Personality

For Iris Apfel, there’s no blending in or following the crowd. Throughout her 95 years of life, Iris has stayed true to who she is. And, that’s pretty profound. Her personality shines through every aspect of herself–from what she puts on each morning to what she surrounds herself with in her home. The take-away here is to design your own spaces in ways that speak to you. Your home should look and feel right to you; it should reflect who you are. Putting your personality on display is one of the best ways to make that happen.


style icon Iris ApfelPlay with Color

Just by taking one look at Apfel, you can tell that she’s in love with color. Vibrant contrasts, vivid hues, soft pastels, and striking combinations make up her wardrobe and fill her home. To achieve the height of stylish design in your own home, choose colors you absolutely love. Gather them together for a fabulous effect. Let them stand out and “pop” to bring stunning visual appeal. Go bright and bold or soft and pale. And remember that beauty is subjective. If the way certain colors work together tickles your fancy, use them and love them!


style icon Iris Apfel
Source: Architectural Digest

Tell Your Story

A life well lived is full of adventures and memories, and it carries a richness that feels deeply satisfying. Pulling that into design is exactly what style icon Iris Apfel does so masterfully. Simply scrolling through photos of her Manhattan apartment places you right in the heart of her life. You feel ready to cozy up in one of her chairs and listen in awe as she picks up a piece and tells how it found its way into her home. You have a story, too. Telling it through your decor is a meaningful way to capture your life’s adventures and personalize your living spaces.


style icon Iris ApfelLayer, Layer, Layer

When it comes to layering, Iris Apfel might be the queen. She layers clothes on top of clothes, accessories on top of accessories, and decor on top of decor…all for a truly magnificent effect. At a time when most of society strives toward minimalism in their decorating, Apfel makes no apologies for her maximalist design philosophy. She dares to fill every space with eclectic treasures, furnishings, and patterns that exude her eccentricity and zest for life. If total maximalism scares you a bit, layering textures in a room is a design element that’ll add depth, warmth, and comfort–a trifecta of stylish beauty.


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