Re-decorating the empty nest

It's been well over a month since you drove your youngest child to college, teary eyed as you realized how fast he or she has grown up. Whether you're counting down the days to the next school break, or are enjoying the freedom, it's time to think about redecorating your Milwaukee home now that you have an empty nest. Bazaar Home Decorating Center can make your home makeover easy to accomplish.

  • Get organized: Now that your children no longer lives at home, it will be easier to keep your house organized. Bazaar's closets and custom home organization will allow you to de-clutter your home. Elizabeth Lombardo, a Chicago psychologist, tells the Denver Post to move your child's belongings, such as a high school trophy or award, to his or her room. This will give you a chance to start fresh without ridding yourself of those memorable items. Once your living room is organized, you can start with the fun part: decorating.
  • Switch up the decorating scheme: Transitioning into an empty nest isn't always easy, but this stage marks a new chapter for you and your spouse. Design schemes can become more mature as you move into this next phase. Change up your custom curtains and drapes to create an adult oasis.
  • Your child will always be your child: Thinking about changing your college student's room to a gym immediately? While this may be tempting, you may want to think again. No matter how far away your child's school is, chances are he or she will be back for Christmas break and summer vacation. Instead of making a drastic change to their room, it's best if you focus your attention organization and de-cluttering.

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