Barbie’s dreamhouse gets avant-garde makeover

Do you want to shake up your traditional design routine? You may want to take cues from Barbie. Yes, we are talking about the iconic Mattel doll who recently celebrated her 54th birthday, with a new 3D "dreamhouse" created by fashion designer Roksanda Ilincic in collaboration with SHOWstudio.

If you think this is your typical pink paradise, think again. Ilincic modeled the design after Russia's avant-garde movement in the 1990s, a revolt against tradition in favor of innovation. Made out of concrete, Barbie's new virtual pad is anything but ordinary. The home reflects the visions of the eccentric designer.

''I like things that are very brutalist in terms of architecture. I like lots of harsh interiors and lots of concrete and metal,'' Ilincic told Telegraph Magazine

The interior of the new house features a sunken leather lounge, sound-proof sleeping chamber, and built in furniture. One thing you won't find in the new place is a mirror, since Ilincic believes Barbie has moved away from vanity.

So how do you think Barbie will react to her new avant-garde digs? "I'm sure she won't be disappointed; she might just take some time to get adjusted to it. It's all about the things I really love, and I want her to love them too,'' Ilincic said.

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