3 Ways to Create the Perfect Pet Life in Your Home

No one is happier when you come home than your dog. They wait patiently all day long. Why not tailor aspects of your home to make them happy? After all, research shows they improve our lives. Creatures of habit, they love their routine. And, you know them best. Would any of these help you create the perfect pet life for your furry friends?


Safety First

Just like kids, dogs and cats can find themselves amused by the littlest things…including cords. With cordless blinds and shades, you remove the dangers posed by dangling string.

perfect pet life silhouette shades pet safe shades Brookfield 53045

Our LiteRise (cordless) system is perfect for the safety of children and pets. And, it’s super easy to work. With a gentle nudge of the nose, your shades will stay right where they are pushed to. Another cordless option is our motorized shades that adjust with a touch of a button, or on a schedule to fit your pet’s routine. Talk about perfect pet life!


The Ideal View

It’s no secret–dogs love to know what’s going on. Inside, outside, everywhere–they are “watchdogs.” Even if the worst thing they’d do is lick a burglar to death. To give them the view they’re seeking, window shades with sheer backing are a win-win for both of you!

perfect pet life pirouette shades from Hunter Douglas Milwaukee 53217

Continually filter light in your home. Protect the interior from harmful UV rays. And, enjoy landscape views! These Hunter Douglas Pirouette shades also have the option to be closed up all the way, in case there are times of day when it’s better for your pet not see the foot traffic outside!


Comforts of Home

We’ve all bought the top-of-the-line dog bed, just to turn around and see them sleeping on your expensive chair. Whyyyyyy?

perfect pet life hunter douglas custom roman shades Waukesha 53188

Mostly, dogs just want to be where you are. And, they think they’re human, too. But, if sleeping on the furniture has lead to wear and tear, we can help! Come visit our showroom to browse upholstery fabrics that offer better performance. You’ll create the perfect pet life for your animals, and you won’t have to stress about the furniture!


Perfect Pet Life…Let’s Get Started!

At Bazaar Home Decorating, we love all of the ways pets enhance our lives! Let us help you create the perfect pet life in your home. From pet safe blinds, to high performance fabrics, we can help you with your home’s unique solutions. Come visit our showroom to explore options and find inspiration. And then, schedule your FREE in-home consultation to have us come to you to design solutions right in your home. Contact our team today!