Home Decor with the Pantone Palette 2023

Colors hold substantial importance in life, and we have the opportunity to see how colors shift over the years. For the Pantone Palette 2023, the Color Institute showcases a set of colors that perfectly match the events and trends that are taking place around us. We even see how home decor is influenced in the process! Bold colors are found not only in the paint on the walls but through furniture and accent pieces throughout the home. 

Embracing New Hues

While these 10 colors are not meant to be placed together in one space, they each come together to celebrate joy and wholesomeness. They also provide varying degrees of contrast when paired together.  


Illustrated swatches of the 2023 Pantone Color Palette

The Core Classics

The set of five classic colors is season-less. When placed into a room, they inevitably provide longevity to the space. These colors softly highlight the evolution of popular hues. 

Swatches of five soft colors

Seeing These Colors in Spaces 

As these colors extend beyond the fashion realm, take a look at how these colors are also applied to spaces in your home. 

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the center for communications and brings together friends and family. While we tend to see kitchens take on a very neutral look, more homeowners are taking the risk of adding vibrant colors. 

Kitchen with colorful backsplash, dark wooden cabinets and orange oven and stove hood.

The Dining Room

The dining room in a home tells a story. It showcases the personality of its homeowners and lends itself to conversations about its bright and bold colors. Near the front of the house, the dining room will pop as guests gather inside. 

Colorful dining room with vibrant colors and eight chairs and fun chandelier.

A list of seven illustrated color swatches including macciato, leek green, beetroot purple, gray lilac, classic green, love bird and empire yellow.

The Living Room

Fun colors for a fun space. The living room is ideal for showcasing these vibrant colors. Pairing two colors together allow the space to highlight a playful and charming feel. While the wall color are decor are accents to the living room, it adds contrast and interest to the space. 

Vibrant living room with space with a bright green wall and midcentury look and feel.

Four illustrated vibrant color swatches: love bird, empire yellow, macchiato and tangelo.

The Bedroom

This space lends itself to being “design forward.” The bedroom is known as a relaxing space. The 2023 fiery red Pantone Palette color selection for the accent wall gives the room a contemporary look while also highlighting the expected comfort of the bedroom. 

Bedroom with a red accent wall and red bicycle above the bed. Contemporary and comforting space with a window and fun curtains.

Two illustrated color swatches that are fiery red and gray lilac.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is the ideal space to showcase both the 10 2023 colors and five core classics for the Pantone Palette 2023 simultaneously. By marrying blue perennial for the shower tile and gray lilac for the flooring, this room pops while also exuding a quiet presence. Homeowners can take it a step further by adding vibrancy through decorative pieces. 

White shiplap wall bathrooms with blue tile in the shower and gray floor tiling.

Three illustrated swatches with the colors blue perennial. summer song and macchiato.

Picking Favorites

Which colors do you prefer? The 2023 Pantone Palette lends itself to experimentation. From the joy and vibrant feeling that comes from these 10 main colors, you can see how they brighten any space. Do you prefer the five core classics? With its calming effect and the quietness of the colors, they may be more your style. Whichever color you select for your home, we are ready to help you pick out window treatments that will effortlessly work with your space! You can stop by to see fabric swatches in-person or invite us to your home. Schedule a FREE home consultation, and we will bring sample books, photo inspiration and expert guidance. Contact our team at Bazaar Home Decorating today!