FAQ: How to Shade and Style Cover Black Trim Windows

The latest design trend is growing in popularity. Have you seen the gorgeous look of black trim windows? They make the windows pop and frame the view outside, turning them into works of art. And, while black trim helps make the space look more custom, you may be left wondering how to keep out the light or the neighborhood view into your home. If you’re searching for ways to cover black trim windows, we are here to help!


How do I style black trim windows?

It is important to keep your personal interior design style at the forefront of your decisions. You can identify the style of the room as a starting point. Many homeowners love the look of roller shades, as they can show off the black accents while also providing light control and privacy solutions. Roller shades create clean lines and add a visually-appealing touch to modern homes. Opt for a lighter fabric to contrast the black trim and prepare for your space to feel elevated and nicely shaded.

white screen shades on corner living room windows with black frames in Milwaukee
Designer Screen Shades

If you love the idea of roller shades for your dark trim windows, but want to increase the control, dual shades would be a great feature for your home.

custom roller shades
Designer Roller Shades with Duolite®

If you love the idea of drapery, the Luminette Privacy Sheers would be a great way to cover black trim windows, since they act like both sheer shades and draperies at the same time. Enjoy view-through and design elements in the “open” position, and then rotate the vanes to “close” the world out.

privacy sheers rotating from view through to closed
Luminette® Privacy Sheers

As you explore your options, you may come to find that roman shades are more of what you are looking for as they add extra dimension and texture to a room while also highlighting the black trim of your windows.

view of top-down bottom-up window shades for ultra violet light protection
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades


I want shade, but I want to see the black trim as well. How do I do this?

If you’d like to have a balance of covering the windows, but allowing some black trim to peek through, any shades will do! Just adjust them into position where you’d like them, and you’ll have a stunning look with features that give you control.

living room cellular roller shades with drapery panels in Brookfield WI
Sonnette® Cellular Roller Shades

What do I do if I want more contrast than black trim windows indoors?

If you’d like to add even more contrast to the interior of your home, consider selecting shades in dark fabrics.

black sheer shades in open floor plan
Nantucket™ Shades

Adding hardwood shutters to a room can add contrast to the space beyond black trim windows. If you choose a darker wood stain paired with a light wall color, these shutters will make a statement in any room.

Interior shutters in dining room Brookfield, WI
NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters with Split Tilt

Hardwood shutters are not the only option if you are looking to add more contrast to a space. Metal blinds are very customizable and can provide an equally stunning look that pairs nicely with the hardwood floors while contrasting against walls. Choose black trimmed handrails and headrails to make the look yours.

bathroom blinds
Modern Precious Metals® Blinds

Need Assistance?

As you continue to research how to style and shade cover black trim windows, our team can help! Black trim windows provide a chic, modern look and we are ready to assist you in finding the perfect shades, shutters, blinds or drapery that complement your space nicely. Contact our team and schedule a FREE in-home consultation today!