The Newest Design Trends of 2017

It’s December, which means the New Year is just around the corner. Have you heard about the newest design trends of 2017? Styles are constantly changing, and it’s certainly fun to stay up-to-date with the newest trends. The top two decorating trends for 2017 have a little something for everybody, giving you an easy way to project your personality throughout your home. The first design trend, Cove, captures the essence of the seaside with relaxing colors, fluid shapes, and gorgeous textures. Old Havana captures the culture of Cuban life and heritage. Exotic, bright hues match effortlessly with vintage pieces and exciting prints. Check out ways you can incorporate the newest design trends into your home.

Learn the Trends

Cary Bernstein Architect Choy 1 Residence

Cove, one of the newest design trend of 2017, is all about relaxation.  What’s the key to Cove, you ask? Minimalism. Beachy elements and soothing colors bring the beauty of the shore right into your home. Featuring natural stone, marble, and wood, the interplay of organic forms and raw textures will add a sophisticated, chic look to any home.


Honoring the rich heritage of Old Havana, one of the newest design trends will bring in culture and color. Modern appeal makes this trend highly desirable with florals, detailed designs, and rustic elements. It perfectly represents Old Havana’s Caribbean lifestyle while incorporating smooth profiles and flowing forms. The eclectic combinations make this look both vibrant and refined–a contemporary dream.

Incorporate the Newest Design Trends into Your Home

Add Accents of Color

2017 newest design trends

Which do you love more: bright, lively hues of Cuban culture or a calming, cool shade of the sea? The newest design trends offer irresistible palettes. And, adding color to your home can easily be done! Pick one or two shades that you love, and then find accent pieces to display your favorite colors. Thinking of redecorating your living room using inspiration from the newest design trends? Decorative pillows, trinkets, rugs, and throws are all a great place to start. If you love the beachy elements brought by Cove, go for natural fabrics and organic shapes. Is Old Havana more your style? Hang up a colorful painting or bright, exotic flowers. We love the colors pictured here; the Duette shades coordinate perfectly with the abstract art. Talk about a design statement!

Update Your Walls

Light and bright while honoring gray

The newest design trends were recently announced, which means it’s a great time to consider painting your walls. Much like an accent piece, you can incorporate the colors of the newest design trends with a new wall color! Not sure you want the same color throughout the whole room? Consider painting an accent wall. Choose from natural colors, like an earthy brown or salmon pink. Transform your environment with a berry red or vibrant purple. You’ll completely revamp your rooms while incorporating the newest design trends.

Personalize It!

Tudor door style, handpainted kitchen in Georgian Townhouse

While redesigning your home with the newest design trends, consider adding personal touches. Do you have a few shiny seashells from your last beach visit? Put them on display! Seashore elements, like sand and shells in a pretty vase, will help complete your cove. It’s your home, and you have a culture of your own. Display vintage objects or old memories around your rooms to add a retro touch. There are many ways to incorporate the newest design trends into your home. Contact our team at Bazaar Home Decorating for answers to your questions, design tips, and expert advice!