Before and After: From Bare to Beautiful

The summer months have passed, and now, even fall is on it’s way out. Are you still living with bare windows? You need your own before and after transformation. Bare windows can give you a great view, but with the winter approaching, you need window treatments that will enhance your environment and provide brilliant function to keep you happy. Check out these before and after photos to see how your home can transform with the right window coverings.


Before: Too Bright to Bear

before and after bare windows

This beautiful room has so much to offer. With gorgeous furniture and the perfect layout, who wouldn’t want to spend an afternoon here? You might have a great room in your house that is ideal for relaxing with a cup of tea or spending time with friends, but your bare windows make it too hard to enjoy. Do you need some before and after magic? This room sure does. Imagine actually spending time here. The glare would get annoying, and the furniture? The direct light–meaning the UV rays–would surely cause damage and fading. What about the temperature? As the temperature drops outside, the draft would be inescapable. Nobody wants to deal with this, and you deserve a home that’s comfortable. We have a solution…


After: A Magical Transformation

before and after shades

The entire atmosphere has changed, but the room hasn’t. Can you notice the difference in this before and after transformation? All that’s added is the new window treatments. Specifically, Pirouette shades. Do you love the look of these? They really set an awe-inspiring scene. These shadings offer a sheer backing that diffuses the natural light coming through. The light is spread beautifully throughout the room, leaving a soft glow and inviting space. You no longer have to deal with that frustrating glare. You won’t feel overexposed. Your furniture is protected from the UV rays. This truly is a magical transformation! 


Before and After: Your Own Transformation Awaits

before and after hunter douglas

If all of the benefits we listed weren’t enough, this before and after shows that you can take your room from uncomfortable and bare to controlled and private. Before, there was no option to sit in this room at night–enjoying a movie and popcorn, or spending time by the fireplace–without feeling exposed to the outside world. With the right window treatments, you can set your own lighting by adjusting your window coverings, protect your decor, and add style to your home. Check out some options here. Are you ready to create your before and after? Well, we’re ready to help! Contact our team to get started.