Layered window fashions trend in 2014

Here in Milwaukee we're accustomed to layering our clothing, especially in the winter. However, in addition to piling on sweaters and scarves, layering window fashions is also a big trend for 2014.
Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, choosing an array of materials for your window fashions can also help retain heat in the winter and ensure that there's plenty of privacy in your living space.

"In window treatments, probably layered looks are really popular right now," expert interior designer Kimberlee Stockwell-Braasch tells"They can be done to also help with the budget. You start out with maybe something for light and privacy control but could also have a decorative feature to it."

So when it comes to choosing your style of window fashions, where do you start? First decide what goal you'd like to accomplish with your curtains, drapes or blinds. If privacy is your main concern, many homeowners opt for roman blinds and shades that can be easily lowered. While high-tech roman shades boast button-controlled layers, more traditional blinds can be shut by hand.

Next, think about the design element. In addition to creative privacy, window fashions help unite a room and add to its overall design scheme. To create unity throughout your living quarters, Stockwell-Braasch suggests matching your curtains and drapes to elements that are already in your room, such as a throw rug or important furniture piece. When looking for matching decor, its best to create custom curtains and drapes with original fabric.

If you want to stay on trend this year, be sure to stop by our Milwaukee fabric store