Are you in a design rut?

Many homeowners find themselves in a design rut during this time of year. Although the winter is (almost) over, it seems as if sunny spring days are ages away, making you shy away from spring cleaning.  If you're stuck in this design crossroads, take a look at some helpful tips from Sarah Fishburne, Home Depot's Director of Trend and Design. Recently, Fishburne chatted with the Marietta Daily Journal, offering some advice to homeowners who are in a rut and are looking for ways to spruce up their pad:

  • Fresh coat of paint: "Paint is the easiest thing to do and you get the most credit right away from a room, ceiling, trim, shutters, lamps, or a piece of furniture. It's an easy day project to take on. It doesn't have to be a whole room. It can be as easy as changing the front door color or painting a ceiling," Fishburne said. "I always recommend that people have fun with paint. I always encourage people to look at different things they can paint. It's an affordable, easy, do-it-yourself project," she said.
  • Light fixtures: When it comes to setting the mood, the right lighting is everything. Fishburne recommends updating your lighting if you want to get out of a design rut. Although you can purchase a snazzy chandelier, this goal can also be accomplished through custom curtains and drapes. Sheer draperies or chic Roman shades allow you to let sunlight in your room, helping to create an inviting atmosphere. 

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