Give your home an artistic feel

Interior designer Cecilie Starin recommends treating your home like a blank canvas. The former painter knows a lot about canvases. After studying graphic design and illustration at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Starin practiced painting at UC Davis. As the current owner of her own design company, Starin combines her artistic past with her present love for interior design.

The artist shared some of her favorite home design trends with news publication The San Francisco Gate. Take a look at the list and learn how to apply these techniques to your Milwaukee home.

  • Creative displays: Instead of purchasing one expensive piece of art, Starin recommends being creative with your décor. Try adding black and white photographs or personal mementos to your room.
  • Historic elements: When designing interiors, Starin often incorporates furniture, art, or home accessories from different decades. If you also have a flair for the past, antiquing or shopping in vintage thrift shops is the way to go. Starin believes that contrast is the key when decorating. She suggests incorporating pieces from various eras and cultures, both contemporary and classic. For instance, try accessorizing your antique furniture with modern curtains or drapes.
  • Neutral colors: Starin believes that gray's popularity in the home sector relates to the broader economy. "Gray has been this pervasive color. I remember being at this San Francisco decorator's showcase in 2009 and everybody kept asking the designers if they were told to use certain colors because most everything was gray," she tells the source. Gray custom window drapes provide a great back drop to any room.