Add feather themed décor to your home

Forget standard floral patterns, because funky feather themes are the new hot item in interior design this year. Unlike some other fads, this style can be both timeless and chic.

"While the feather is a classic motif that's been around for centuries, they are definitely ramping up in a full-blown way," retailer Devin Kirk tells

Check out some helpful hints below to learn how to incorporate the theme into your Milwaukee home and be sure to browse our showroom for some additional home décor tips and selection of our stylish window treatments.

  • Accessorize: To achieve the feathered look, you don't necessarily have to add this element to large home decor. In fact, subtly including these decorations into your home accessories can be a chic way to achieve a one-of-a-kind ambiance. Think of your room as an outfit. When adhering to styling trends, such as feathered jewelry or festive headbands, sometimes it is best to start with solid color clothing items. This way, your funky décor doesn't clash with your basic ensemble. Likewise, begin with a neutral background and solid-hued drapery. Then add feathered trinkets or throw pillows to create the trendy look.
  • Tailor feathers to each room: Different feathers can create unique moods. For instance, brightly colored feathers from peacocks or ostriches work great with your living room because they are a bit fancier. On the other hand, neutral shade feathers from pheasants are more subtle and coincide with your fall décor.

Is it time for a decorative update in your Milwaukee home? Here at Bazaar Home Decorating Center, we'll tailor your custom window treatments to your house's personality, whether that is traditional or trendy.