Floral custom drapes are poised to make a comeback

Just like clothing, interior design is somewhat cyclical in terms of which styles are in fashion at a current time. Thanks to the internet and the popularity of nationwide retailers and suppliers, it is now more possible than ever before for people from the entire country to stay on top of the latest trends in terms of decor. 

This means that the types of styles that are most popular make it to Milwaukee much faster than they used to, helping to keep our local area in line with what's en vogue at a current time. If you want to make sure that your Wisconsin home stays in line with the most recent styles to become popular, maybe it's time to think about chintz. 

This pattern usually features flowers in a few colors and is designed to span an entire piece of fabric or wallpaper rather than repeat. The style has frequently been used in both British and Southern home decor, but it is poised to become a more popular trend this year. 

Just this month, the print has been seen on some of the most popular home decor blogs, and was featured heavily in the pages of Architectural Digest, which often spurs trends for interior designs. 

If you want your home to be on the cutting edge of this emerging style, consider getting custom window treatments made using a chintz fabric. At Bazaar Home Decorating, you have access to all of the patterns in our Milwaukee fabric store and a number of styles recommended by our experts. Come on in today or book a Shop At Home appointment and see what we can do for your house.