Customize an art decor inspired room and relive the roaring twenties

The "Roaring Twenties" decade of the 20th century serves as a gold mine of design and artistry. As the age of Expressionism and Art Deco style, the Twenties have left a mark on the world that can still be seen today in lingering icons of the time such as New York's Chrysler building.

The recent big screen adaption to F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby," offered a very stylized, and glamorous depiction of the period. It's a perfect theme for a period-inspired room.

The first thing you'd want to consider is how to add the basic feel. Art Deco's main feature is it's purely geometric forms. The room should have that same bold, crisp linear feel of the classic era. Tiled floors are the place to start. A bold, simplistic black and checkered design serves as a great base.

Depending on the mood you want, wall paint can either be a deep red to give a night club vibe or you can open up the room with a bright pearl to give it the air of a grand ballroom. Period adornments can be added to meet your specific taste. Large mirrors with handcrafted frames make excellent set pieces for this style.

Light colored Austrian style curtains or Cascades on windows give the grand billowing feel that reflects the era's love of fabric in decor. This effect can be complimented with heavily draped circular cocktail tables with barstools for additional seating.     

The foundation is laid for your time-capsule room that harkens back to the speakeasy or grand masquerade balls of the "Roaring Twenties". You'll find everything you need to customize and build your perfect Art Decor inspired-room at the only Milwaukee custom drapes and curtains retailer that has the expertise and materials to pull it off. Call or visit the Bazaar Home Decorating Center today.