Energy Saving Shades to Insulate Your Home

During this time of year, Milwaukee can get pretty chilly. We know firsthand because our team here at Bazaar Home Decorating calls this city home, too. Comfort is a must-have in any home, and we have energy saving shades that will allow you comfort without sky high energy bills.


You Could Be Losing Warmth

The image below shows a house with a thermal reading. You can see where the home is well-insulated and where it’s losing energy. The greens, purples, and blues show the areas that are protected. The reds and oranges identify where cold drafts may be entering and where the heat from your home is most likely seeping out.

Heat map of home showing where energy loss occurs.

This second visual shows a side-by-side comparison. The left half of the window has been left uncovered, therefore it is more exposed to the elements. The right side of the window has had energy saving shades added on the interior of the home.
Side by side of effective window treatments.

Let’s Step Inside

So we’ve shown you how drastic the changes can be with an exterior visual. But moving inside is what you might be more curious about! Do you have any seats in your home that everyone kind of avoids because of a sharp draft, or just lower temps in general? It could be due to your current window treatments, or lack there of. Don’t worry, we have compiled our top solutions to get you started on the road to a cozier home today.

Energy saving shades for Milwaukee, WI area.

Take this home as an example, the floor to ceiling windows are stunning! We’re not questioning that. What we are second guessing is the lack of window treatments. This corner of the house is most-likely freezing in the winter and pretty toasty in the heat of the summer. One of our favorite solutions for large floor to ceiling windows is Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades because of their ability to filter the light while protecting the interior temps with honeycomb construction.

Wooden ceiling in living room, sonnette cellular roller shades on windows.
Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades



A few other top hits when it comes to energy saving shades are: 

Milwaukee, WI, alustra duette honeycomb shades.
Duette® Honeycomb Shades


hunter douglas roman shades in blue with caramel wood tones bathroom design Brookfield WI
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades


Which Energy Saving Shades Sound Just Right for You?

Milwaukee is facing those cold winter months right now, but we have the solutions to keep you warm. Then, when summer rolls around, they’ll help to keep the hot sun out of your living space. Our team is here and eager to help make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. Contact us today to get started with your FREE consultation.