Revealing Our Favorite Bedroom Design Tips

Your bedroom is where your day begins and where it ends. It’s your retreat after a hard day–it might even be the one and only space you can call your own. Shouldn’t it be all it can be? Your own personal oasis to help you start your days with the best foot forward and fall asleep free from overwhelm. We have compiled five of our favorite bedroom design tips to help you transform your space.


#1 Color Goes a Long Way

Earlier this month we talked about the color of the year for 2021 and how to use it. This year, the color of the year was actually a pair of a vibrant yellow and a stunning gray. Now, even if yellow isn’t quite your cup of tea, the idea behind this pairing was more to pick your favorite color and join it with a neutral to balance it all out. Adding pops of your favorite color helps to add in personality to your space that should truly feel like you!

Yellow and gray bedroom.


#2 Declutter Your Space, and Mind!

Has your bedroom become sort of a dumping ground for things around your house? After you get back from running errands and you change into comfy clothes to relax in, does everything that was in your arms just get tossed onto your dresser? Or is there a mountain of clothes you never want to fold and put away? One of the quickest refreshes you can make to your space is to simply declutter. Rid your room of what doesn’t belong in there. If you have some clothes you no longer wear, pass them on to a friend or donate them. You will wake up feeling more refreshed knowing you’re not rising surrounded by a mess to clean up. 


#3 Try Out Your Green Thumb

Scattering plants throughout your home is one of our favorite design tips, not only for the look of them, but they are also beneficial to your health! Houseplants help to purify the air around them. This makes the bedroom one of the best spots to house them. We spend roughly ⅓ of our lives sleeping, it’s important to have a clean and healthy place to do so. 

Plant wall to increase design and air quality.


#4 Cozy In 

One of our go-to bedroom design tips is adding texture. When in doubt, add some more textural layers! Scattering different textures throughout the bedroom is a sure way to amplify the coziness. You can do this by adding an extra throw blanket to your bed, covering the floor with a beautiful area rug, or adding window treatments to your windows. 

Brown roman shades in bedroom, Milwaukee, WI.
Design Studio™ Roman Shades


#5 Check the Atmosphere

So we’ve talked a lot about the particular look you have in your bedroom, and don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten how that room should feel. Depending on what vibe you want it to have personally, adjusting your atmosphere may look a little different. That’s where window treatments come in. 

Arched windows with interior shutters in bedroom.
NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters

If you like it dark as a cave at night, blackout and room darkening shades may be for you. If you love the natural light but also want some added privacy, top down bottom up shades are a good place to start. And smart shades are always a crowd favorite, they can even be scheduled to open automatically when your alarm clock rings in the morning. 


Which Bedroom Design Tips Speak to You?

Which of these stood out to you most? Whether you’re wanting to just change up a couple of accents or do a complete overhaul of your space, Bazaar Home Decorating is here to help! Contact us today for your FREE consultation.