Designer Banded Shades: Breathtaking Beauty + Benefits

Could your home use a little something to give it that wow factor? It’s time to meet one of the hottest designs entering the world of window fashions: Designer Banded Shades. Innovative, sleek, and stylish, these window coverings bring instant upscale design while also solving a host of common issues. So what exactly makes them stand out? Here’s what’s catching our attention…


Designer Banded Shades MilwaukeeThe Look

As soon as you step foot in a room with Designer Banded Shades, you can’t help but say, “Wow!” From the beauty of geometric shapes spread across the windows to the modern clean lines, these shades are simply breathtaking. Eye-catching and unique, they create a designer style statement you’re sure to love.


Designer Banded Shades MilwaukeeThe Versatility

Everyone’s style is different. That’s a given. One of the things that makes Designer Banded Shades so incredible is their range. They work impeccably with a myriad of design choices. While they create a stunning statement of style, they don’t overpower the room. So, they can be the finishing touch on your personal design. And, thanks to their sleek appearance, they’re easy to put anywhere and layer well with other window treatments.


Designer Banded Shades MilwaukeeThe Fabrics

The fabric choices for Designer Banded Shades really set them apart. Spanning traditional favorites to today’s top trends, the fabric selections are what help these shades reach a whole range of styles. Go bold with jewel tones or enjoy the elegance of natural hues…it’s all up to you. Fashioning the perfect look doesn’t end at the right color, though. It’s also about choosing the right texture. And with options that go all the way from satiny to grainy, you’ll definitely find exactly what you want.


The Function

Designer Banded Shades Milwaukee

Imagine going from light-filtering to room-darkening in one swift rotation. It’s an instant atmosphere change, and it’s possible with Designer Banded Shades. Two layers of fabric in one roller shade is a serious game-changer. It means you can take in the view through the sheer fabrics or close out the world with the opaque ones. You can roll the shades completely out of the way into the headrail. You get the function and solutions you deserve.


Designer Banded Shades…Learn More!

There’s a lot to love about Designer Banded Shades. And we can’t wait to show you all the beauty and benefits of this new product. Our team at Bazaar Home Decorating is ready to help you enjoy your view, capture natural light, and achieve the control and solutions you need to make your home stylish and comfortable. Contact us today!