10 Dining Room Design Ideas

Dining rooms are a special place. They’re meant for gathering with family and friends, enjoying each others’ company and indulging in delicious meals. Are you hosting any holiday celebrations this year? If you’re looking for dining room design ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at what we’ve come up with for dining room inspiration.


#1 Ultimate Contrast

Surround your guests with gorgeous contrast, like the room pictured here. Contrast has become a huge buzzword in the design world, and we can see why. The contemporary chandelier adds just the right amount of sparkle, while the wooden table top brings in a touch of rustic farmhouse appeal. We can’t help but love the textured greenery–and all of this is complemented by the blue wall, contrasted with sharp white. This is one dining room design we’d love to try.


#2 Black & White

Simple. Classic. Elegant. You can’t go wrong with black and white decor. This classic color combination allows you to mix textures, patterns, and different design elements to make your space unique and gorgeous. Bring in a pop of color or add sophistication with metallic accents. This dining room design will always be in style.


#3 Simply Stunning

It’s true what they say: less is more. Minimalist and simplistic designs are all over the design world right now. The natural elements paired with neutral shades in this dining room create a space of sheer style. The chandelier adds a chic touch, while the various heights of the greenery creates a simple, gorgeous centerpiece.


#4 Industrial Lighting

What do you think of this lighting? It’s one of the most popular choices this year, and it’s perfect for incorporating into your dining room design. The lights, which are encased in glass, feature a minimal metal frame. Choose from steel, brass, wrought iron, or any metal that will fit your design.


#5 Pretty & Personal

The best way to bring in a touch of your personality to your dining room design is to incorporate accents that speak to your style. We’re inspired by the accented wall, geometric wallpaper, contemporary upholstery, and the touches of blue in this room. Make your space your own with personal statements, like photos of your loved ones or your favorite flowers. You’ll take your dining room to the next level, and it’ll show off your personality.


#6 Fresh Flowers

Like we said, decorating with your personality will revamp your entire space. One easy way to do this is by incorporating your favorite florals. They bring in the calming touch of nature and a gorgeous pop of color. We especially love the happiness that this bright yellow brings here. Paired with the neutral background, this dining room is inviting and refreshing.


#7 Classic + Modern

We love how the design world finds ways to bring back classic styles. Both a throwback and modern, the gold accents in this dining room create a trendy, yet classic, design. Wallpaper is also back and better than ever. The geometric print adds designer style–and, we can’t get over that black ceiling!


#8 Textured Backdrop

dining room design Waukesha

Large windows and doors can be a beautiful addition to a dining room, but they also come with issues: chilly draft, overwhelming sunlight, and damaging UV rays. We love the look of custom window treatments, like the Hunter Douglas Solera shades featured here. They create a gorgeous backdrop while protecting your furniture and atmosphere.


#9 Bright & Bold

Have an eclectic taste? Show it off in your dining room design. The whimsical style will make your dining area fun and bright. This space does it right; each piece is thought out and perfectly placed. It’s inviting and has that comfortable, right-at-home vibe.


#10 Contemporary Elegance

We love neutrals because they’re so easy to work with. This dining room design is traditional, simple, and completely tailored. These homeowners incorporated contemporary styles with their unique chairs and pops of purple. Make your dining area soft & inviting with flowing draperies.

What’s Your Dining Room Design Style?

Your dining room design should show off your favorite styles while creating the right atmosphere. Which design is your favorite? Let our team help you! We can show you different styles, fabrics, and window treatments to incorporate into your dream dining room. Contact our team at Bazaar Home Decorating today.