Design tips to open up a small space

Just because you live in a small space, doesn't mean you have to feel confined. Thanks to some strategic interior design tips your cramped Milwaukee home or apartment will feel as open as a meadow in no time. Check out the helpful hints below.

  • Mirrors: If you think mirrors are just meant for the powder room, think again. Homeowners are finding strategic ways to incorporate these objects into their design schemes to brighten up a room. For instance, locating a mirror near a window can successfully reflect natural light, making a living space appear brighter and more inviting. You can even try adding reflective mirrors to your furniture, such as a tabletop or on the facade of a shelf or closet.
  • Multipurpose furniture: Furniture pieces with sleek frames and those that serve multiple purposes are a hot trend today. Designers are getting very creative with their projects, designing furniture to fit in the smallest nooks and crannies of your house. Additionally, multipurpose furniture once made for college dorms is getting an adult makeover. Fold up futons and tables that feature storage are great additions to your home. 
  • Natural light: Light, both natural and artificial, can help a room appear larger. It is especially crucial to let sunlight into your Milwaukee home throughout the day. To accomplish this goal, try adding sheer window coverings and décor to windows in your room. Be sure to browse Bazaar Home Decorating Center's stylish array of custom window coverings that let light into your home at your liking.