Design awards make use of light

Light is an important aspect of our home design aesthetics, as proven by the New Zealand design competition "Best Design Awards." The awards bring together top designers to create graphic, special, and interactive design projects. During the 2013 competition, innovative ways to use lighting were a popular trend.

Instead of relying on traditional lamps, designers favored unique products featuring light bulbs front and center. Lamp shades were omitted in favor of stylish bulbs equipped with coils. One innovator even created a modern chandelier that illuminates a pattern on your wall so you don't even need paint, wallpaper or any other decorative covering.

"[Light] is essential to any design," Shjaan Versey, a gold pin winner at the awards tells to New Zealand news source "The way light plays off a design reveals the form, the texture, where you are drawn to. In an interior, lighting can enhance and define, and the reverse is also true." 

It is clear to see that lighting is crucial to any room in your home, helping to brighten up the overall aesthetic. Different light sources, ranging from sunlight to candles, can create various ambiances in your home. You don't necessarily have to depend on artificial light to create a modern home. In fact, natural sunlight not only saves electricity, but can also make a room come alive.

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