5 Things to Consider when Covering Large Windows

It’s no secret that large windows are a big bonus in a house. They are beautiful, let the sunshine in, and act as the perfect artwork. However, sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. Covering large windows helps to have the benefits of them when you want, but also have the control and privacy you desire as well.


Light Control

Natural light pouring in is a massive perk of large windows. Sometimes that sunlight can be a bit too harsh though, when that happens we see things like pesky glares, harsh UV rays, and higher interior temperatures. By covering large windows you can regain the control over those windows to kick those downfalls to the curb. You may want different light control options in the bedrooms versus the family room. It’s all personal preference and what each of your spaces needs. Room darkening treatments will offer the most light control as well as privacy, perfect for the bedrooms in your home!

rotating vanes of vertical shades turn into room darkening shades in bedroom in Milwaukee WI home
Luminette® Privacy Sheers


Let’s Talk View

Different windows throughout your home are going to have different views. Some may overlook your beautifully landscaped backyard, while others may be facing the neighbors’ homes. Capitalizing on those great views will continuously spark joy when you walk into that space. Some window treatments are better for framing out the view without blocking any portion of the window, such as draperies and light filtering shades.


Privacy is Important

One thing that large windows lack is privacy… That’s where the right treatments come into play! Rooms that face neighbors or the street, bedrooms, and bathrooms often require the most privacy. Covering large windows doesn’t have to mean you lose all daylight. When the shades are up, you still reap all those benefits, then when you’re seeking more privacy all it takes is a simple adjustment to drop them into place.

helpful bathroom features with cellular roller shades in milwaukee wi
Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades


Making Adjustments

When it comes to making adjustments to window treatments, there are two options: manual or automated. Manual adjustments are ideal if you don’t adjust the treatments much and they are easy to reach when you do. If you are likely to make several adjustments throughout the day as the sun changes position or you desire more privacy or a different atmosphere, automated treatments would be perfect for your home! The convenience and ease that smart shades add is truly unmatched by other window treatments.

Living room with floor to ceiling windows

Energy Efficient Treatments

That summer sun can shine pretty strong, and that winter breeze can be so crisp. Energy efficient window treatments are great for covering large windows in all seasons. They will help to regulate the interior temperature of your home while also saving you on your energy bill.


Let’s Get Started with Covering Large Windows

Are there rooms in your home that have those picturesque windows but are lacking something? Covering large windows with the right treatments will not block them, but will only add to their perfection. Whether you’re seeking new treatments for the bedrooms, family room, or the whole house… our team is here to help you find the best solutions for your home’s needs. Contact us today for your FREE consultation.