The Secret to Choosing Roman Shades

The Roman Empire had a lot of ingenious ideas they brought to fruition, and many are still in use to this day! You may wonder why we’re giving a brief history lesson while you’re looking for new window treatments. The history is simply a testament to why choosing roman shades will always be a great design and functionality move you can make in your home. What’s the secret? Identify the details that appeal to you–from fabrics to folds, and even how they rise up. Your custom choices will make them unique–and the ideal addition to your home, for years to come…


Fabrics Galore

Adding the right window treatment in your space can pull the whole room together as well as show off your personality and style. Roman shades are a great treatment for this because they are made of fabric. There is a huge array of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from in our collections. Whether you lean more toward neutrals, or like to make a bold statement, you are sure to find the perfect fabric for your new window treatments.

green and white home office space white and green curtains and cream roman shades for light filtering
Design Studio® Drapery & Roman Shades


Two Stacking Options

One thing we can see in many inventions throughout the years is that they evolve, roman shades are no exception. They have molded into a few different styles from their original look. They started as a piece of fabric pinned on the window in ancient Rome. Flat stacking roman shades are just as it seems, flat when they are sitting at the top of the window. Where cascading folds, otherwise known as waterfall folds, offer a more soft, curvy appearance as they fold up to the top.

Dark fabric woven wood shades
Provenance® Woven Woods with a softer, curved fold

Both looks are stunning, and you simply can’t go wrong! It’s simply up to personal preference and what you desire in your space.

nature inspired woven shades alustra woven textures roman shades Brookfield WI
Alustra Woven Textures Roman Shades, flat stack


Romans with a Twist

Another option on the functionality end of choosing roman shades combines the classic look of roman shades with the ease of roller shades. This means the shades can roll up into a headrail if you’re not particularly drawn to the look of them stacked at the top of the window. It’s the best of both worlds, marrying these two concepts into one shade.

hunter douglas roman shades in blue with caramel wood tones bathroom design Brookfield WI
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades, rolling up into the headrail as they are adjusted open


Choosing Roman Shades for Your Windows

If you’re planning on adding roman shades, or new window treatments in general, come stop by and see us! Our team here at Bazaar Home Decorating is eager to help you find your ideal treatments. We know that choosing roman shades can be a bit of a task, that’s why our experts are here to assist. Contact us today or stop by our showroom for your FREE consultation.