The Best Blackout Shades the World has Ever Known

Are blackout solutions on the list of things you need for your home? Maybe you’re longing for quality sleep or planning for your home theater. Perhaps in the midst of this horrible winter cold, you’re dreaming of summer…which reminds you how much you need to block intense sun for efficiency. Whatever the reason, If you’ve been googling “best blackout shades,” then you have to see these:


Duettes with LightLockTM

Hunter Douglas recently launched its latest innovation. Turning Duettes into the best blackout shades on the market, revolutionary LightLockTM offers 100% total darkness. Yes, 100%.

best blackout shades Brookfield



The secret to this incredible blackout technology lies in U-shaped side channels. Installed right into your window frame, these channels guide your shades and eliminate light gaps. Without light leaking in, you achieve complete darkness.

best blackout shades Waukesha


Where Will LightLockTM Work Best?

If you’ve been looking for the best blackout shades, you probably have an idea of where you need them in your home. Bedrooms are the most common places. But, here are some other rooms that would benefit from 100% darkness:

  • East- or West-Facing Rooms – to block out intense sun/heat for efficiency
  • Naptime Spots – so kids, grandkids, and even adults can sleep well
  • Media Rooms – for a theater atmosphere any time of day


The Best Blackout Shades: You Deserve Them

When it comes to sleep, energy-efficiency, and entertainment, you deserve the best. And, with the best blackout shades, you can have it all! LightLockTM makes sure that sunshine never gets in the way of your comfort. Our team at Bazaar Home Decorating would love to help you find the right solutions for your home. Contact our team today!