You can use some of these high-fashion trends for your interior decor

It's not uncommon for interior design trends to reflect the kind of looks you may see on a high-fashion runway. Rosalyn Lazaruk, a decorator with Canadian company Wicket Blue Designs, recently spoke with the Edmonton Journal out of Alberta, Canada, about the link between these two art forms.

"Interior decor and design are getting some momentum," said Lazaruk. "People are really starting to think about having homes that have a little bit more personality or are a little more fashion-forward."

According to the source, trendy homeowners may want to think about incorporating "shabby chic" styles that combine bold hues, wood tones and metals for an eclectic vibe. 

In-your-face, dramatic color schemes, for example, are taking center stage in people's homes following years of neutral shades like beige and grey dominating walls and furniture. Lazaruk recommends using bold shades on their own instead of as part of a pattern to really make them pop. 

Homeowners who do prefer geometric designs are encouraged to mix and match zigzags, chevrons and stripes to add energy to their space. According to Lazaruk, this works from an aesthetic perspective when the patterns have the same contrast and linear line. 

For those looking to bring some texture into their house, different colors and styles of leather can be layered on furniture, rugs, throw pillows and more in what Lazaruk refers to as a modern alternative to the puffy sofas everyone remembers from the 80s. 

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