White Decor: The Style Statement You’ll Love

Ready for new design elements in your home? White decor is on the scene this season with refreshing charm. Stunningly chic, with the potential for sophisticated softness, white delivers atmosphere, poise and an overall feeling of calm. Alone, white decor has the ability to transform a space through crisp, clean lines or flowing form. Contrasted with other color schemes, you’ll get depth and dimension–the perfect way to define your personality. Intrigued? Let us show you just a few ways you can add an upscale look to your home with white decor…


Ivory? Frost? Alabaster?

Who knew there were so many ways to refer to the color white? With a vast color palette, the choice is up to you! Bright whites illuminate, while softer whites add glowing warmth to the space. Do you wonder what influences the shades one way or the other? It’s the undertones. Shades of white are influenced by undertones of yellows, greens, blues and reds, so when you’re getting ready to decorate, decide which hues appeal to you. And then, consider your home. Both natural lighting and artificial lighting can influence the way a particular color reads out, so what looks a certain way in one scenario will look very different in another. Does using just a single shade of white seem stale? Bring together a blend of whites in layered form. Rich with complexity, the coordination of a range of shades in white decor elements will add depth to the space.


From Comfy to Crisp…

white decor textureTexture is an important ingredient in successful design. And white decor? It has a striking presence. Bring the two together, and you’ll transform the look of your space. Cozy area rugs, plush blankets and throws, flowing folds of drapery panels–these design elements bring softness to your home while still maintaining sophisticated design. If you want less cozy, and more formal–for a crisp, clean look–consider finishes. Glossy accents, glistening surfaces, and uniformity of structure are all part of a refined look. Think plantation shutters, marble countertops and contemporary artwork. Of course, for a truly personal feel, choose the selections that fit your home. Bring in contrasting finishes for a cozy-meets-contemporary design.


Coordinated Collections

white decor collectionsWhite decor is ideal when it comes to creating collections. There’s just something about gathering pieces of the same color–instant style and decision-making made easy. The two elements of this design scheme you’ll keep in mind are size and shape. Varying these characteristics across your collection will allow for dimension and a balanced appearance. Whether you group them together, or stack them neatly, remember that odd numbers are best when styling with accent pieces.


What’s Not to Love in White Decor?

Looking to create a refreshing change in your home? Meet white decor. With the potential for crisp, clean or charmingly cozy, the color white will help you style your home this spring. At Bazaar Home Decorating, our team is here to help. Our showroom is simply a playground of design, from fabrics to displays, you’ll discover incredible options for your home. Invite us to your home for a free, in-home consultation, where we can offer advice, inspiration and amazing benefits with custom window treatments. Let’s get started on your next home project today!